CaptureProof Booth Design

CaptureProof is an app that allows you to document your injuries and dialog directly with your doctor.

CaptureProof Website

Tradeshow Booth

I used Adobe Illustrator CC to build this to size as define by the manufacture at 122"w x 98.375"h including a 2" bleed for the wrap.

The booth is backlit so I felt that using primarily dark colors, in this case CaptureProof blue would be a great way to get the text to literally shine through.

I subtlety repeated the CaptureProof logo in the background to create an interplay between the sections of the booth and hopefully draw more attention to the logo.

I noticed that the blue/orange colors in the logo provided by the client did not precisely match the CMYK numbers listed in the design brief. They were roughly 1 – 2% off in each color value. To double-check, I checked the CMYK values in the design brief against the Pantone colors that were also listed in the brief.

CaptureProof tradeshow booth design