FABSTA originally began as a T-Shirt subscription service targeting Hip Millennials. It recently relaunched as a fashion and health magazine, formerly known as UrthAve.

New Fabsta Logo

Once it was determined that we wanted to re-launch FABSTA, and thereby re-brand UrthAve, we looked for something that was familiar and contemporary, yet unique.

The  F A B S T A  badge was designed as if it could be worn as an accessory, or as a choker around your neck. The some of the outter edges were softened to create a soft and inviting feeling.

FABSTA Website

new fabsta logo


Because you're the star when you're reading FABSTA's articles, the favicon had to be a star. The "arms" of the star The points were softened to be approachable.

new fabsta favicon

Original Landing Page Design

For this project designed the layout, sourced images and coded the landing page. The website is fully responsive and designed mobile first.


The client strongly felt that simple black and white were the fashon-forward colors that spoke FABSTA.

R0 G0 B0


R255 G255 B255



Fira Sans was chosen for it's clean appearance and legibility.

an image showing the typeface used in this design

Ad Banner Design

Ad banners to announce the launch of Fabsta.com.

Facebook Mobile


Email Design

Emails to promote the launch of Fabsta.com.