Instacandy is a monthly candy discovery subscription service. I designed and coded the responsive landing page as well as creating all the graphic assets.

InstaCandy Website

Landing Page Design

For this project designed the layout, sourced images and coded the landing page. The website is fully responsive and designed mobile first.


Instacandy's color palate needed to look fun without being too Easter. I feel that the chosen colors achieve that goal nicely.

The green was taken from background color of the main photo and the red was sampled directly from a piece of candy.

R255 G255 B255


R110 G222 B227


R255 G96 B0



Ubuntu Condensed was used for the main headline for it's rounded lines and playfulness.

Reenie Beanie nicely contrasts Ubuntu with it's angled, almost chaotic look.

Source Sans Pro – Semibold and Regular were chosen for the main content due to their legibility.

an image showing the typeface used in this design

Ad Banner Design

Ad banners to announce the launch of

Social Media Ads

Facebook Desktop

Facebook Mobile


Email Design

Emails to promote the launch of