Print Design



As the Designer for ATPA I was tasked with creating assets for the annual IFEBP conference.

These postcards are color matched to the marketing videos that I also created for the conference.

Some of the videos were created using PowToons at the suggestion of the VP of IT. Other videos I created were created entirely by me.


Conference Video

This is an example of one of many videos I made that went along with the postcards.


Brochure for the annual IFEBP conference. I made the icons in the interior as well.

Full Brochure


Compassion and Mindfullness conference materials.


Designed their booth background.

Blind Design

Designing Systems Of Content Control For People With Low Vision Or Blindness

A 30 x 40 inch poster outlining the concept behind Designing for the Blind.

This project was deep research in to challenges face by people with low vision or blindness as they attempt to access common websites.

Many of the issues this audience face come from overly complex websites, websites with improper tabbing, or websites that fail to use any accessibility technologies, like ARIA, or even just descriptive image alt text.

I discuss possible solutions to these issues. Three examples are confirming in the CMS that all elements in the page minimum accessibility requirements. Deeper integration between the website and screen-reader. Or creating a simplified version of the website that is visible only to screen-readers.

As it turns out, my example website, Amazon, implemented a simplified screen reader specific version of their site as I was wrapping up this project.

Process Book

This process book details all of my research.

Full Book

Oil Poster 17" x 22"

An infographic poster following the distribution of crude oil in the United States.

Patton Poster 30" x 40"

An infographic poster detailing the many achievements of General George S. Patton.

James Joyce – Joyce's Choicest

Throughout the stories in Dubliners the characters are often on a journey. This journey is either real or one of self-discovery. In both cases, the journey can be seen as a circular path where the characters typically end up in the same place from where the journey began.

Full Book



My interpretation is seen through the lens of San Francisco’s Mission district. In an attempt to embody some of this awkwardness exhibited in Joyce’s characters, the photographs I have used are of the Mission as it suffers the pains of gentrification and with an ultra-wealthy citizenry displacing minorities, low income, and long-time residents.

Paris Travelogue

142 page book covering my travels in Paris.

Full Book



Book of Kells Study

An 8.5 x 11 inch booklet discussing the history of the Book of Kells.

Full Booklet